With the development of virtual reality technology, VR is currently replacing old systems and modifying practices and processes in many fields, such as automotive, healthcare, training and psychological therapies (Salanitri et al., 2018). Amongst these fields, the industry of games particularly enjoys an increasingly mature technique in virtual reality technology. It is in no small part because such technology provides an immersive experience during the games, and it in turn enhances players’ comprehension upon the affections incurred in the games. Encountered with such an emerging visual carrier, many products and programs await creation. Throughout this project, motion patterns and visual presentations in the world of games are critically discussed, as well as the distinctive values that are communicated via a combination between virtual reality technology and the view of first person. To present this, players will be provided with inspirations to re-discover themselves from aspects or a dream or a memory.

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Virtual reality--Design; Puzzles--Design and construction; Games--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Ihab Mardini

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Shaun Foster


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