Communication technologies have helped reduce personal distances and stay connected. This study pursued the following questions: What are the most popular media used to communicate in long-distance relationships? Are those in long-distance relationships more likely to use rich or lean media? Do family, friends, and romantic partners differ in their selection of media? Instant Messaging, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat), telephone (cellular, mobile, or landline), online video chat, online audio chat, SMS, and regular mail were the most used media. Respondents were significantly more likely to use rich media. Romantic partners were more likely than either family or friends to use Instant messaging, the telephone, audio chat, and video chat. Additional findings are presented.

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Long distance relationships--Technological innovations; Online social networks--Social aspects; Online social networks--Psychological aspects; Instant messaging--Social aspects; Instant messaging--Psychological aspects; Internet telephony--Social aspects; Internet telephony--Psychological aspects

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Communication and Media Technologies (MS)

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School of Communication (CLA)


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