Bomber Boy is a 2D animation thesis with a length of three minutes and 44 seconds. It is a story about finding a better way to control temper to avoid causing harm to others. It happens in a world that people blow up when they are angry. All the people in this world have a fuse on their head. While the main character, Thorn, has a very short fuse. He blows up quickly because of it. He blows up several times in school, which makes other students afraid of him. He hates himself and runs into an illusion that he blows up the school. But in the end, he meets an old man who also has a short fuse and learns how to express his anger peacefully.

Bomber Boy is a hand-drawn animation. I used the software Adobe Photoshop to complete the concept design, character design, and background painting. The storyboard, animatic, rough animation, inking, and coloring process was finished using the software TVPaint. The compositing software was Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Sound design and sound mixing were completed in Adobe Premiere. The music was originally scored by Shoghi Hayes.

This paper includes the inspiration and motivation of making Bomber Boy, and the entire process of pre-production, production, and post-production. It introduced the challenges and failures I met during the process, and how I crossed the obstacles on finishing Bomber Boy.

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