Creating a 3D animal using the process of photogrammetry can bring more realism to a user’s game experience.

In the 3D world, there are various ways for creating animals in video games. Specifically, quadrupeds are known to be very challenging. Since technology is evolving every day, there are always newer ways of creating video game assets. It is challenging to have complex model details and also have smooth real-time rendering in a game engine.

Photogrammetry can capture exact details of a real world animal and incorporate them into a 3D asset. The purpose for using this process is to create a realistic 3D animal for use in a game. Animals are often secondary characters in video games, but adding details to such characters adds to the overall experience for the user.

The purpose of the project is to find a way to utilize photogrammetry so as to meet the wants of the target audience (gamers). To many, realism is important for not only the primary character in a game, but also the secondary characters.

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Photogrammetry; Video game characters--Design; Rigging (Computer animation); Deer--Pictorial works; Three-dimensional display systems

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