Heechan Kim


This work concentrates on the relationships between shapes and the lines those shapes are composed of as well as the process by which they are created. In this thesis, I intend to explore the different characteristics of wood and to visualize the language and meaning of the work which results both from those characteristics and from the artist.

As a maker, I have always been fascinated by the use of wood in the creation of objects. Man can control a material against its own intrinsic attributes to create something very different from that material's natural shape. My works concentrate on illustrating how wood reacts to external manipulation or physical force and how it can accordingly be transformed and yet still keep its original characteristics. Therefore, the process of the construction of the final piece is crucial in my work. The process embodies the relationship between outward control or manipulation and reaction from a material, and it creates the tension between the two entities, producing a physical structure and also a visual presentation. Additionally, this relationship encapsulates a deeper meaning; in the same manner in which the wood strains against the making act of the artist, so also does human nature strive against the outward influences which seek to control it. Through the work, I intend to clarify how human beings interact with each other and how those interactions create emotional tension.

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Wood sculpture--Technique; Wood sculpture--Themes, motives

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Furniture Design (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


Andy Buck

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Richard Tannen

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Michael Rogers


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