The terahertz (THz) region of the electromagnetic spectrum is one of the last remaining regions that has yet to be fully characterized. THz imaging is one of the foremost drivers of this technology gap and has the potential to push development in the near term to a similar capability level as infrared (IR). Properties of THz radiation are introduced, along with promising current applications. Interest in array based imaging of THz radiation (T-Rays) has gained traction lately, specifically using a CMOS process due to its ease of manufacturability and the use of MOSFETs as a detection mechanism. The theory outlined explains that incident terahertz radiation on to the gate channel region of a properly configured MOSFET can be related to plasmonic response waves, which change the electron density and potential across the channel producing a photoinduced response. This work utilizes a test chip fabricated to investigate these effects. The 0.35 um silicon CMOS MOSFETs tested contain varying structures, providing a range of detectors to analyze. Included are individual test MOSFETs for which various operating parameters and modes are studied and results presented. The focus on single transistor-antenna testing provides a path for discovering the most efficient combination for coupling 0.2 THz band energy. Specifically introduced, is a novel source region extension which is proven to improve MOSFET response. Sensitivity analysis and responsivity are described, in parallel with theoretical expectations of the plasmonic response in room temperature conditions. A maximum responsivity of 40 kV/W and corresponding NEP of 10 pW/Hz^(-1/2) (±10% uncertainty) is demonstrated.

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Terahertz spectroscopy; Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary--Evaluation

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Imaging Science (MS)

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Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (COS)


Zoran Ninkov

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Emmett J. Ientilucci

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Christiaan Richter


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