An entire lifetime, with all of its possibilities, mistakes, triumphs, dead ends, is to be illustrated within this 40 second piece. The story will begin with birth and end with death as a rebirth. The idea, boiled down from the premise behind Pura Vida, is to illustrate the directions in which we may lead ourselves based on our choices, some may take us far from our poten tial, many paths will wind and dissect and converge, some will end abruptly, some will twist and turn and fork. Through it all is the thread that is Pura Vida, that is you at your purest. The character is drawn to that though she doesn't know it. She hurts when she veers to far from it. As is the case with every potential path she may walk, Pura Vida is there always. The various worldlines, which begin and end in one singular point, will branch and expand and intersect in between. The decisions of each version of himself will instantaneously affect his other lives, they are interdependent. At each singularity, the process begins again, this expansion as possibilities become realities. And the collapse as possibilities are exhausted and worldlines whither. All of these various lives being lived, make up a whole and that is what we are following, that is the character. But what keeps the process going is the central thread. With each iteration, as lessons are learned, convictions are born, compromised, and again realized, this ever expanding /collapsing entity will tighten upon itself as it is inevitably drawn inward, focused, until it is one pure worldline, undivided.

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Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CIAS)


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Stephanie Maxwell


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