Anirban Dutta


Color management has become central to achieving greater color quality and consistency and has become an integral part of a printing workflow. The contemporary printer is faced with the challenge of achieving high print and color quality in conjunction with low production cost to remain competitive. This thesis focuses on the subject of comparing the color quality obtained by implementing the IQ colour profiling system with respect to ICC profiling. The basis of this study is that the ultimate judge for color quality in the Graphic Arts industry is the print buyer and color quality should really be a function of human perception rather than complicated color measurements. The study used the responses provided by 15 observers for the purpose of this comparative visual study and the results were used to derive a conclusion pointing out the profiling methodology that provided better color quality. The research pointed out that the color quality obtained using IQ colour based profiling was much closer to the reference contone prints than ICC based profiling. ICC based prints were two times JND away from the reference images as compared to the IQ colour on a visual scale ranging from -3 to +3. It was also referenced from the visual paired comparisons that IQ colour based prints were better than ICC based prints in terms of overall color and image quality

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Color printing; Color vision; Color

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