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Professional management defines itself by the particularistic (dominant) view that shapes the form and conduct of its activities. Modern management theory and practice is primarily the outcome of the greater espoused views of positivistic science. This has permeated a conscription to an attitude that is considered "factually" appropos to conduct research and inquiry. "Reality" has thus become categorized to derivatives of Newtonian science. While there is no disputation that this perspective and its conjointed methodology has a basis in the confluences that interact on materialistic reality (objective world), newer insights dispute its absolutistic form. The principle import of the newer insights call for recasting the "light" upon "reading the environment." It is posited in the paper that this cannot be accomplished in a reductionist format. The reason proffered is that skills of observance are hintered by orientating the scope of scrutiny to excessive analytical purposes. A resurgency of a mode of thinking, upon wholistic form, can overcome the inadequacies of the ever-narrowing qualities of knowledge that constitutes valid "dialogue." The management endeavor, following the severe controlling and predictability incline of mechanistic science has reached a stage of default. This default is also a crisis stage as modernity's acts created evolutionary impact. This is a ramification of neglectency towards comprehending the qualitative aspects of evolutionary growth. Mechanistic science (and its offshoots) has steered itself into the state of "complexity". There cannot be a retreat from having reached orderings of complexity, without abandonment of vestiges of modern life. Since that option would have few adherents in modern civilizations, the necessity is to find a template that is truer to the nature of nature. The view taken in the paper is that nature is to be taken primarily as a "network of relations " . It is not discrete activities but interorganizational relations that determine the qualitative aspects of "reality".

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Management--Social aspects; Management--Effect of social change on; Organizational behavior--Social aspects; Social change; Teams in the workplace

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School of Food, Hotel and Tourism Management (CAST)


Marecki, Richard

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Stockham, Edward


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