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This research project is a result of a problem-solving proposal that was submitted to Program Chair Dr. Daniel Goodwin on June 28, 2010. The proposal recommends that RIT’s Packaging Science Program establish a unique Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in Packaging Science Certificate program for undergraduate students. The proposal was developed as a result of receiving input from the RIT Packaging Industrial Advisory Board, from researching packaging job descriptions and from Professor Dr. Duane P. Beck’s extensive Lean Six Sigma experience. Students who are successful in receiving the certificate will be able to demonstrate problem-solving skills in the packaging industry. The proposal also identifies three RIT benefits as stated below: “Green Belt Certificate Program Benefits: 1) With the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate, the student will stand above and beyond other graduating students from other colleges and universities. 2) It is our vision that the student will receive higher starting salary offers because of achieving higher standards in their chosen educational program. 3) According to an ANSI representative, “if we are successful in the development, coordination and sustainability of this innovative program, RIT will be the first one of its kind among universities and colleges in the nation.” This Research Project The certificate program will be designed according to ANSI accreditation guidelines and supported by quality assurance procedures. The procedures will enable the Packaging Science program to consistently meet ANSI accreditation guidelines under the ASTM certificate standards. It is not the immediate goal to seek ANSI accreditation but to establish the program according to their guidelines. Both the procedures and ANSI guidelines bring reliability and creditability for administering, issuing and evaluating the certificates. The research project focuses on performing research on setting up a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program for undergraduate students at RIT and development of the quality assurance procedures in order to meet ANSI accreditation guidelines. The research will be on four primary areas: 1) Lean Six Sigma Green Belt; 2) Certificate Programs; 3) Accreditation Guidelines; and 4) Quality Assurance Procedures. For the four areas the project will focus on identifying the gap of knowledge between what is currently offered in the packaging industry and what the Packaging Science certificate program needs to integrate for success and sustainable reasons.

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Master's Project

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Packaging Science (CAST)


Beck, Duane

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Kausch, Thomas

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Jacobs, Deanna


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