A new orientation to the conventional MOSFET is proposed. Processing issues, as well as short channel effects have been making planar MOSFET scaling increasingly difficult. It is predicted by the 2001 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) that non-planar devices will be needed for production as early as 2007. The device proposed in this thesis is similar in operation to the planar MOSFET, however the current transport from source to drain, normally in the same plane as the wafer surface, is oriented perpendicular to the die surface. The proposed device has successfully been simulated, showing a proof of concept. Fabrication of the proposed devices led to the creation of vertical MOS Gated Tunnel Diodes. This work, in fact, represents possibly the first demonstration of this type of technology. Suggestions are made to improve upon the proposed vertical MOSFET as well as the vertical MOS Gated Tunnel Diode.

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Metal oxide semiconductors, Vertical; Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors

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Microelectronic Engineering (MS)

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Microelectronic Engineering (KGCOE)


Sean Rommel

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Santosh Kurinec

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Karl Hirschman


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