The synthesis of a series of bis(quadridentate)zirconium(IV) complexes, that can be considered as derivatives of the model complex, bis(N,N'-disalicylidene-l,2-phenylenediaminozirconium (IV), Zr(dsp)2, was conducted in order to produce zirconium coordination complexes with reactive terminal groups that would undergo ligand centered polymerization reactions. The previously reported Zr(dspOH)2 complex and the previously unreported Zr(nitrile)2 (shown below) and Zr(amide)2 complexes were synthesized, purified and characterized by FTIR, *H NMR and elemental analysis. The attempted polymerization reactions of Zr(dspOH)2 with diacid chlorides did not yield the desired linear coordination polymers. The attempted reduction of Zr(nitrile)2 to Zr(amine)2 was not successful via catalytic hydrogenation or chemical reduction methods. The synthesis of these complexes will be discussed.

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Zirconium; Chemistry, Inorganic synthesis; Polymers; Polymers

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School of Chemistry and Materials Science (COS)


Wingsworth, Marie


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