Ai-Leen Chiu


With the advanced technology in this information requisite world, the way of communication has been changed into using multiple media. People use different media to publish their ideas, not just on paper. The same information may be presented in different formats because of different purposes or situations. However, each of the four major media (print, Web, CD-ROM, and video) has different capabilities for displaying image information. Images optimized for one will not necessarily work well with the others. It happens all the time that people spend much time remanipulating an image which has already been made for another media. For example, it is necessary to reduce the color depth and resolution of an image once it is moving from paper output to the World Wide Web because of the monitor limitation and the need for faster transfer rate. The problem exists when switching images among different output media such as video, multimedia CD-ROM, the World Wide Web and print. Quality and performance are the criteria for good publishing. This thesis project would establish guidelines for the designer, which would show the way to manipulate images once and have them work well in all media, including how to optimize images for print, the World Wide Web, CD-ROM, and video. The parameters which would be explored are: resolution, gamma correction, and color depth. After tests have been run on, an image format with 266 pixel per inch, 24-bit color depth, and no gamma correction could be established to satisfy the needs for image quality of print, Web, CD-ROM, and video publishing with extra gamma correction of 70 percent at midtone of 50 percent for video production.

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Computer graphics; Multimedia systems; Image processing--Digital techniques

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