Ben Dombey


For my thesis body of work, I created sculptures comprised of glass and other components. Through material explorations, trial and error, and experimentation, I further developed my sensibilities toward glass. By stretching, curving, stacking, and encasing glass, the resulting sculptures are abstract and self-referential. Through the process of creating, I made many discoveries. I hope viewers will connect with the work and create their own dialogue amongst the sculptures. Experimentation and trial and error were key to the body of work. Implementing my knowledge of glass and the successes of previous attempts, I created controlled scenarios to manipulate glass. Once the desired phenomenon occurred, I froze the moment in time for all to witness. I created jigs to exact specifications, but with a crude and innate sensibility. I orchestrated the events, but not without serendipity's influence. The next pieces were like a call and response; I made adjustments based on the previous tests. I played a mental chess game with myself, thinking logically through different options and approaches, until I reached my next move. Winning or losing was never important, just the experience of playing the game. By strictly working in this manner, I opened many doors. Many parameters were also set to help me focus yet simultaneously provide more potential in the one narrowed field of experimentation. Reacting to the material, keeping variables fixed, and making acute adjustments, this truly was a scientific exploration. I feel like I have only scratched the surface of this way of making. The possibilities are immense and a similar method of working has the potential to be applied to many different materials. For this exploration, I focused on the fluidity of glass.

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


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