Sustainability is a subject dominated by topics involving the environment and economy. An overlooked pillar is that of the socio-political sphere, as it is a subgenre of sustainability that involves a wide range of variables. Fortunately, there exists a multitude of ways one can relieve social tensions, but unfortunately, as socio-political issues are much more complex to measure. Our current Latin/US-based issues are rooted in racism, colonialization, and imperialism. These past wrongs have affected Latin American countries' development in that corruption, economic instability, violence, lack of education and poverty are the outcomes that push people into migrating. Latin American migrants make up a little over 3/4 of the 90,000+ annual average of migrants that come to the US – in that percentage, family is a part of that. Coming from Ecuador in the mid-90s, work consisted of cleaning (commercial/residential) buildings for the women and construction (masonry, framing, roofing, etc.) for the men. Unfortunately, those who could not rely on family to secure work for them on arrival - utilized the Parada. The outcomes of unfamiliarity resulted in communal (internal/external) fears. This thesis focused on three locations throughout Westchester (Ossining, Mt. Kisco, & White Plains). They were then analyzed and surveyed to quantitatively support how people, internally and externally, felt about them to then produce a program for a modern System of Rotation. Illustrations influenced by the proposed program were then judged to cement whether the amenities within the program could positively impact a Paradas presence. Finally, the documented results conclude that the proposed program does in fact offer organizational, physical, and visual change to the existing Paradas within Westchester County, NY.

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Architecture (M.Arch.)

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Architecture, Department of


Golisano Institute for Sustainability


Dennis A. Andrejko

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Julius Chiavaroli


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