The uncertainty of lack of policing involvement increases the worries and concerns and lack of trust of the potential virtual residents of Dubai Virtual Commercial City. The purpose of this research is to mitigate and minimize virtual crimes and expand safety and security in the virtual world. Using various future foresight tools to bring new solutions and recommendations to support law enforcement to ensure proactive policing in the virtual world. The results of the study show a clear correlation between the lack of rules and regulations and new emerging virtual crimes. Moreover, it also showcases the recent international effort by different countries to regulate cryptocurrency and minimize virtual crimes. The study also covers the organizational structure of Dubai Police and efforts to encourage and support international cooperation to reduce virtual crimes. This study also definitively answers the uncertainty of the lack of policing in the virtual world, shows the loopholes, and gives some strategic recommendations. Further studies are needed to establish the integrational process of law enforcement in the Dubai Virtual Commercial City. Keywords: Virtual Crimes, Policing, Metaverse, Virtual World, Virtual Commerce, Blockchain, Dubai Police, Cryptocurrency & Fraud.

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