Many people desire to learn a new skill or craft, but having access to a mentor available to provide one on one feedback can be expensive or inaccessible to many. Learning a new skill can bring meaning and added value to a person’s life. Glasses explores bridging the physical and digital world through augmented reality tools that assist in the hand making of products and the learning of a new craft. Though Glasses specifically focuses on glass blowing, the concept could just as easily be applied to any form of craftsmanship such as woodworking, metalsmithing or welding. The product helps inform users of the best way to move in 3D space to create their desired form. Additionally, they can view a model projected onto the material they’re working to better understand and reference the form they’re trying to create. It is easy to use, and relatively hands free featuring a simple, customizable physical interface. Having direct feedback from an expert is often the best way to learn a new skill, Glasses is the next closest thing for those without one. Glasses is a full product line, featuring a physical set of safety glasses and the software to go along with them.

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Glass blowing and working--Interactive multimedia--Design; Augmented reality--Design; Safety goggles--Design; Software architecture

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Adam Smith


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