Background: An association between eating competence (EC) and physical activity, diet quality, less stress, greater weight satisfaction and many other outcomes has been identified in adult populations. However, limited research has been conducted into EC and associations in the adolescent population. Specifically, the associations between eating competence and physical activity, mealtime activities, and school behavior in adolescents has not been examined. Purpose: To examine the congruence between eating competence and physical activity, mealtime activities, and school behavior in adolescents (ages 11-16) who had participated in the Fuel for Fun study as 4th graders. Methods: Secondary data analysis of collected data from self-report validated surveys: Satter Eating Competence Inventory (ecSI 2.0™), Godin and Shepard physical activity questionnaire, cooking experience questions, fruit and vegetable preference questions, cooking self-efficacy questions, cooking attitudes questions, mealtime practices questions and student academic and social difficulties questions adapted from National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Independent t-tests, Pearson correlations, Chi-Square, one-way ANOVA’s and univariate general linear models were utilized to examine for association and to test mean differences between groups. Results: The sample of participants was predominately white, with an equal representation of males and females and a mean age of 13.4 (1.1). Out of the 132 participants, 93, or 70% were considered EC. Eating competent students reported higher physical activity than non-EC students in both Metmin/week (3357.5 ±1694.6 vs. 1897.2 ±1581.1, P=

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Teenagers--Health and hygiene; Teenagers--Attitudes; Nutrition--Psychological aspects; Cooking--Public opinion; Academic achievement

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