Salik is the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) automated toll collection system. Salik uses tag technology that must be registered for each vehicle either online or through an authorized dealer. With this tag, you can drive freely in the Emirate without having to stop at any toll booth. Salik means "open" or "clear" in Arabic, meaning that there are no toll booths, barriers, or physical gates. As a customer- focused organization, RTA Salik can only thrive if we truly understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the service, they want using the highest quality standards.

Prediction and forecasting are important tools in operations planning in general, where determining the right human resources requirements and schedule will require an accurate prediction of the needed number of agents. The aim of this research proposal is to implement a time-series prediction model for the call center.

To achieve this goal, the researchers will be using 2 different methods FB Prophet and ARIMA Model, and the at the end, we will compare the results of each method.

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