The miniaturization of electronic components has resulted in higher heat generation on a smaller surface area, creating a desire for better heat removal techniques and systems. To improve the performance of the pool boiling system, high critical heat flux and low surface temperatures are desired for efficient heat removal. External structures are one technique that seeks to improve pool boiling performance by passively regulating the flow of vapor away from the boiling surface. The present work seeks to study the effect of dual-taper manifold inlet gap height and taper angle on boiling performance through a parametric study with a copper boiling surface of 34.5 mm x 32 mm. perfluoromethylcyclopentane (PP1C) was used in a closed loop pool boiling system at atmospheric pressure. The current study looks at the design parameters of the dualtaper manifold to study the effect on boiling performance by testing dual-taper manifolds with 0.5mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm inlet gap heights and 10, 15, and 20 degree taper angles and comparing the results to those obtained from a plain test chip. At 0.5mm, critical heat flux (CHF) was worse overall, while heat transfer coefficient (HTC) only showing marginal improvement with a 20 degree taper angle. At 1mm manifold height, CHF was improved at 15 and 20 degree taper angles, while HTC improved with 10 and 15 degree taper angles. At 1.5mm, CHF was slightly reduced at 10 and 20 degree taper angle while marginally improved with a 15 degree taper angle, while peak HTC was marginally improved for all taper angles. The overall poor performance is attributed to long residence time and the poor liquid-vapor density of PP1C and dual-tapered manifolds are not recommended as a pool boiling enhancement technique with similar fluids

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Heat sinks (Electronics); Fluid-structure interaction; Ebullition; Heat exchangers--Fluid dynamics

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