The current state of quantum computers is characterized by its limited resources and high noise levels. These are known as Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing (NISQ). Reduction of noise is addressed at the technology level, while noise mitigation strategies have been proposed through the compilation process of quantum circuits. The compilation process entails a number of steps that are computationally intensive and scale poorly as the problems grow in size and resource usage. This paper addresses the problems associated with noise by proposing a noise aware qubit routing algorithm. This algorithm attempts to improve accuracy of circuits by using SWAP gates attempt to avoid links with high error rates. This differs from existing algorithms which try to minimize the amount of SWAP gates used. In addition, multiple metrics are evaluated for Qiskit's routing algorithms. The proposed algorithm improves the accuracy against circuits compiled using Qiskit’s basic routing algorithm, and against other more sophisticated routing algorithms, depending on the application circuit. Other metrics being considered, the routing algorithm also demonstrates to have minimal computational cost when compared to other approaches. Lastly, it is shown that different circuits benefit from different routing algorithms.

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Quantum computing--Quality control; Routing (Computer network management)

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Computer Engineering (MS)

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Computer Engineering (KGCOE)


Sonia Lopez Alarcon

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Cory Merkel

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Ben Zwicki


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