With the urbanization of the world's population, more and more people have begun to choose outdoor hiking to get close to nature and get exercise. But outdoor hiking can be dangerous, and lack of relevant knowledge not only makes hikers have a poor or stressful time, but it can also be fatal. Losing your way in the wilderness encountering wild beasts, an unfamiliar poisonous plant, lack of physical strength, extreme weather, and other accidents will put many travelers into crisis every year. A safe and comfortable outdoor travel experience could not only increase the safety and fun of travel but also attract more people to join in outdoor hiking. With the rapid development of the information age, many high-tech products have entered people's lives. However, In the current outdoor travel field, these high-tech products are not much used. In this article, the author will explore a method to integrate many new technologies such as Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), Augmented Reality (AR), Big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into one system to create a future outdoor hiking system that greatly improves the safety and provides comfort and fun to travelers.

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Hiking--Equipment and supplies--Design; Hiking--Equipment and supplies--Technological innovations; Hiking--Safety measures

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