This project analyzes the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the gastronomy sector in Pristine, Kosovo. The scope of this research is to perceive the challenges faced by the gastronomy sector, as well as to understand how consumer behaviors have changed due to the pandemic and the social distancing measures. Since this is a new topic and there were no comprehensive studies in this topic, primary data were collected through interviews, and an online survey. The research results show that the pandemic has caused a change in consumer behaviors. Consumers are now more reluctant to go out in restaurants, and they have started to have food delivered more often than they did before the pandemic. The interview results suggested the measures that have been put in place by Kosovo’s government were sufficient to some extent, in helping businesses overcome the pandemic. The results also show that the interviewed businesses experienced loss in revenues and have less clients than they used to. Based on the data found from literature review, the survey, and interviews, recommendations have been given for the gastronomy businesses and the government of Kosovo which could help to ease the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic, and also help the gastronomy businesses be more prepared for similar situations that might happen in the future.

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