Research shows that millions of people in the United States suffer from panic disorder and/or regular panic attacks each year. On average, women are twice as likely to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety than men are. Panic attacks can be frightening, intense, and uncontrollable, and the current solutions for panic attacks often involve extensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or long-term medication. The market lacks discreet and tangible products that help diminish the symptoms of a panic attack, once it has already begun. By using an external wearable device, the user can quickly access the help they need to regain control over their symptoms. The relationship between the user and the device fosters a safe and comfortable solution for someone suffering from panic attacks. This article will discuss the extensive process of research, design and prototyping done to create a product that helps women feel more confident about their panic on a daily basis. The main component of this design focuses on small vibration motors that are set into modular necklaces to help return breathing patterns back to a normal and calm state. This device provides a discreet and unique way to comfortably take control of panic, which is an important step in regulating the daily symptoms of anxiety, and can help the women who are suffering from panic attacks feel more prepared for when panic strikes.

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Panic attacks--Treatment--Equipment and supplies--Design; Haptic devices--Design and construction; Wearable technology--Design; Necklaces--Design

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