The main purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the inconsistencies between the energy regulation and energy strategies in place, and the current patterns of energy production and consumption in Kosovo. That is, this current research looks at the existing discrepancies between the energy regulations and their implementation in Kosovo and provides recommendations on how to address these discrepancies. In doing so, the existing strategies and EU directives such as Kosovo Energy Strategies and Acquis Community Directives by the Energy Community Secretariat were reviewed and analyzed. The answer is represented and alternative methods pertaining to Kosovo’s energy industry are proposed. Sustainability in investments are the yielded end result of the thesis, as alternative approaches are recommended for Kosovo’s energy sector. Main results of energy sector in Kosovo are showed through this analysis, as there are inconsistencies in the energy sector in Kosovo such as the fossil fuel vs. clean energy production. Therefore the need for change in the sector is presented, namely the Energy Transformation Policy (ETP).

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukaj

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Shqipe Neziri-Vela


RIT Kosovo