Healthy skin is a critical part of overall health for everyone and not only important for appearance. Useful information about the skin is often overwhelming, misleading, or difficult to obtain. There are many factors that affect the skin’s condition, from environmental conditions like UV, humidity, or lifestyle factors like diet and the amount of sleep a person gets to specific ingredients in cosmetics. All this makes the effective management of skin health time consuming and inaccurate without knowing where to find the right information.

This project explores a theoretical system that is designed to help users understand and manage their skin health by simplifying information and bringing it to the surface. This will enable be more aware of their skin health without being overwhelmed. Using environmental and biometric sensors, along with user generated data, my system is designed to collect a variety of information related to skin health and then present it to users in an accessible and digestible format. The system will perform an analysis to inform users of their overall skin health and of anything that may negatively affect it. Based on each user’s profile and collected data, the system will generate customizable, personal skin care solutions.

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Skin--Care and hygiene--Interactive multimedia--Design; Mobile apps--Development

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Daniel DeLuna

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Miguel A. Cardona Jr.


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