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SiO films of high quality have been deposited by Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) at temperatures less than 400 ° C. Chemistries of 02 and 25 % SiHqin Ar were used. Deposition rates of about 220 A/minute were obtained, studying films of typical thicknesses of 1100 A. Characteristics of the films studied include refractive index of 1.467 — 1.477, dielectric strengths of 5.0 — 9.0 MV/cm, dielectric constants of 3.8 — 4.2, and buffered HF etch rates of 19 - 21 A/second. These characteristics were shown to degrade around a deposition temperature of 200 °C, with temperatures on either side of this range yielding better characteristics. Optical emission spectroscopy was also utilized to identify the species present in the plasma.

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