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This project follows the design of the full timeline of an equipment installation in a microelectronics cleanroom, from developing an understanding of the tool through preparation of facilities, installation of the tool, and setup for use. The tool installed is a Plasmatherm Apex SLR Inductively-Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etcher manufactured by Advanced Vacuum. This tool was purchased by an RIT professor for ICP etching on III-V substrates, a new capability for the RIT SMFL. Installed additionally are the auxiliary equipment units, including two chillers, a Gas Reactor Column (GRC), and a roughing pump. The operation of the main tool for processing is analyzed as well as the roles that the auxiliary equipment play in operation of the system as a whole. Facilities needs such as electricity, process gases, cooling water, and exhaust are assessed, and their installation described. The process of decommissioning a Perkin-Elmer 2400 sputtering tool and the movement and refurbishing of a Consolidated Vacuum Corporation (CVC) Metal Evaporator are also detailed as necessary steps in preparing the RIT SMFL for the installation of the new ICP Etcher.

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