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Electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) discrete microfluidic (DMF) devices have shown favorable properties for use in microreactor lab-on-a-chip applications. The following work looks toward the design and fabrication of EWOD devices for the automated droplet manipulation necessary in the ultimate goal of oligonucleotide synthesis. By modifying the previous work on mechanical filtration on EWOD devices by Schertzer et al. to be compatible with processing in the RIT Semiconductor & Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory, DI water droplets were successfully able to be moved from electrode to electrode or created from reservoir electrodes using a gap between devices of approximately 100 - 250 micrometer with a generated 1 kHz and 35.5 Vrms sinusoidal signal. Though much work will be necessary to enable oligonucleotide synthesis, the baseline work verified the functionality of key manipulation functions and and manipulation automation for the first time at the RIT Discrete Microfluidic Laboratory.