Alycia N. Roux

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Conductive tin oxide films were deposited through reactive sputtering on glass substrates under different preparation conditions sch as substrate temperature, substrate type, and total chamber pressure. The films were characterized viz X-ray diffraction (XRD), thickness, and sheet resistance. The thicknesses of the films were found to be around 0.5 microns for the oxide films which is half the thickness of the metal control films. The thickness of the heated oxide film was measured to be 0.4 microns. The sheet resistances of the oxide films ranged from values of 98 Ω/sq. to an unreadable value due to the entire film being oxidized for a room temperature deposition. In the 300°C temperature deposition, the sheet resistance was determined to be 12 Ω/sq. The XRD results showed that the film deposited at 300°C show some crystallinity while the films deposited at room temperature are primarily amorphous.

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