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A single mask-set was designed and implemented into the RIT bulk MEMS process in order to create multiple piezoresistive MEMS sensors. These sensors included a IVIEMS accelerometer, pressure sensor and flow sensor. Sizes of 9mm2, 36mm2, 81 mm2 were included in the design.Using this integration, the difference between the sensors was the utilization of the piezoresistive properties of the thin diaphragm with polysilicon resistors by different packaging and off chip electronics. In the gas flow sensor the resistor lengths and resistances induced a voltage change by flow of a liquid over the diaphragm. In the accelerometer, the resistors changed by a force on the diaphragm measured by a test cantilever. In the pressure sensor the resistors will change dimensions by the strain induced a force induced by air pressure on the diaphragm measured by a power supply detecting output voltage

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