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SIJ-8 is a negative photoresist that is mainly used for MEMS technology. It is currently being used l~r micro-machined gears, accelerometers, and host of other MEMS structures. In these types of MEMS devices it is important to get an image with nearly vertical sidewall angles. For example with a micromachined gear, the gear would slip easily if the gears sidewall angle not near vertical. The focus of this project was to model the sidewall angle through a designed experiment and an ANOVA was run on the data using a computer program. Also, using a linear regression analysis the functionality of the sidewall angle is determined within the specified design space. The design space for the main design was set up by using testing and screening experiment where the all the factors were set to the high levels and low levels of the design for feasibility of the main design. The sidewall angle was obtained by using Scanning Electron Microscope to view the cross-section of the samples in the DOE.

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