The aim of the workshop is to identify and interrupt problems in deaf education which have long frustrated its transformation. Each of the three sessions will be led by Skyer, consisting of a multimodal presentation of instructional materials (Lecture), with identified focus areas (Questions), and educational objective. Sessions will require interactive participation by the audience, grouped in one of several Learning Pods. Each Learning Pods will consist of ~5 MU-MA/Deaf Ed. students, ~2 MU Faculty, and ~10 deaf community members. Participants will use Lecture materials and Questions to explore and apply concepts in novel contexts. In doing so, pods will create artifacts and generate discussions (documented via video technologies) that will constitute evidence of learning. Following the three sessions, MU Faculty facilitators will facilitate a closing discussion using a Roundtable format.

Attendees will leave the workshop with a better understanding of:

Session 1: The Curious Case of Vygotsky in Soviet Russia: History, Theory, Deaf Pedagogies

Session 2: Phonocentrism and Ocularcentrism: A Tale of Two Contrasting Discourse Ideologies

Session 3: Transformation and Deaf Multimodal-Visual Pedagogy: Evidence from the Field

Session 4: Theory and Strategy for Deaf Education in 2021 and Beyond: A Roundtable

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Slides for workshop presented at Sign Language Studies Department, Madonna University (Livonia, MI).

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Master of Science in Secondary Education (NTID)


RIT – Main Campus