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This paper details the process we went through to develop an educational video game, which includes: research on implementing video games into the classroom, vendor selection, video game design, and curriculum development. Throughout the video game development process, we faced challenges such as budget, time constraint, and varying areas of expertise. This paper serves as a guideline for similar organizations interested in educational video game development.

Play game on desktop or tablet: www.avma.org/videogame

Play within browser: https://www.avma.org/KB/K12/videogame/index.html

AVMAAnimalHospitalHomeScreen.JPG (160 kB)
Video Game Home Screen

ChoosingaCharacter.JPG (99 kB)
Choosing A Character Screen

GamePlay.LevelOne.JPG (120 kB)
Level One Play

ScoringScreen.JPG (121 kB)
Level Up Screen