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Awareness of climate change scenario is essential to the success of its global remediation efforts. Thus, a study was conducted to assess the awareness of climate change in a growing town of Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. Data for the investigation was generated through the administration of 150 questionnaires across randomly selected adult inhabitants. Of the entire questionnaire, 123 were returned while the rest were either mutilated or returned uncompleted. Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses were conducted. Descriptive analysis showed that 74% of the respondents had no knowledge of climate change while 21.1% claimed knowledge of it. All respondents that claimed knowledge got the information on television and 76.9% got it on radio. Also, 95.9% of those who had knowledge believed that the solution to climate change associated risks should be borne by international bodies because the menace is global while 86.1% believed it is the responsibility of the Federal Government. Factor analysis results showed that four factors predict awareness of climate change bordering on availability and dissemination of climate change-associated issues and perception about who tackles the control of and the impact of climate change. It is therefore recommended that information on climate change should be made available and be widely disseminated, especially its impacts and that international communities in conjunction with the national government should take charge of the control and of the associated risks. Further investigation is required to assess the coping and adaptation strategies to climate change effects in the study area.