Call for Papers – Journal of Environmental Sustainability

Researchers and practitioners from around the world and across all professional disciplines are invited to submit a paper to the Journal of Environmental Sustainability.

The goals of the Journal are to: 1. advance understanding of environmental sustainability; and 2. better define the roles and responsibilities of the professions in moving us toward a more environmentally sustainable future. The Journal defines environmental sustainability as meeting the resource and services needs of current and future generations without compromising the health of the ecosystems that provide them. The Journal is an open access green, double blind peer reviewed, journal for the dissemination of both theoretical and applied topics in the domain of environmental sustainability.

The Journal seeks papers that expand upon our understanding of environmental sustainability and/or explores how various professions are contributing or may contribute to moving the activities, products and services of organizations toward environmental sustainability. Submittals are welcome in the following categories:

  • Research: articles presenting the results of original research.
  • Synthesis: articles presenting new understandings constructed from previously unconnected elements.
  • Case studies: articles presenting practices exemplifying relationships
  • Insight: articles presenting new ways of looking at existing concepts or practices by providing new perspectives or challenging underlying assumptions.
  • Vision: articles exploring plausible alternatives for the future
  • Submitted articles will be entered into Volume 4 on a rolling basis as they are approved by the Journal Editor-in-Chief.

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