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Continuity of project activities by the beneficiary communities after project expiry has been a concern globally. While various efforts have been made by project implementers during the project tenure to ensure post-project sustainability, this challenge has still been persistent. However, evidence exists of situation whereby post-project era has witnessed continued implementation of activities which were established during the project duration. The question comes as to which factors are behind such observed positive scenario? The answer to this question can enhance our understanding on variables that can be used to increase sustainability of development initiative after the planned project tenure. The aim of this study is to determine factors behind sustainability of activities in the post-project duration in the Matengo highlands in Tanzania. A combination of methods were used to collect data including focus group discussion, observation, and time-based activities tracking from project time to a decade after the project tenure. The study results indicated that the observed sustainability could be explained using beneficiary-based and project-based attributes.