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Introducing plasticizer poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG400) was applied into poly(lactic acid) (PLA) to produce film matrix packaging by direct casting. Non mechanical properties were carried out plasticized PLA including morphology, crystallinity structure and degree, thermal properties and oxygen barrier properties. Plasticized PLA revealed improving surface structure of PLA film matrix form fractures and homogenous film were achieved at 5% PEG 400. Chromatogram PLA and plasticized PLA were categorized crystal structure an α-form crystal. Intercalated and exfoliated structure did not occur significantly due to dispersion PEG 400 in the matrix but indicated dispersion structure. Thermal properties did not improve plasticized PLA significantly for both glass temperature and melting temperature. PEG 400 accelerated crystal formation that increased the crystallinity degree from 17.71% to 34.64%. Plasticized PLA enhanced permeability value about 20% while largest fraction PEG400 reduced ability to prevent from oxygen through pass the film. The oxygen barrier properties was significantly affected degree of crystalline in the film with a correlation number 0.85.