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The present paper concerns the dynamic behavior of bottles transported by conveyor systems. Such systems are widely applied in numerous industries. However, if systems are not properly designed or controlled, multiple undesired phenomena, like clogging or severe bottle scuffing, may occur in the bottle bulk. These effects are eventually strongly linked to the dynamic behavior of- and interaction between bottles. In order to propose a simulation model to support the design process needed for bottle conveyors, the plane mechanical behavior of bottles in a parametrically defined plant is considered. Generation of geometry, contact simulations by penalization and Coulomb friction is included in the model, which is solved by numerical integration of the Newton-Euler equations. The model is developed applying basic concepts from mechanics and numerical analysis and is therefore well-suited for implementation in any software for scientific programming. Results obtained with the model represent the expected physical effects for soft bottles well. A strategy for improvement of the computational efficiency of the method for modeling of high stiffness bottles is outlined.