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Digital printing will become more and more important in the packaging industry. Digital printing technology is growing because it allows the print suppliers to improve the level of service they offering to their customers, as well as, it opens new opportunities and helps them to make more money. Additives, dyestuffs, resin and other chemicals in packaging printing ink may influence safety of the food. Therefore, choosing suitable materials are very important in food packing ink. Over the last years, many printing ink manufacturers moved toward more sustainable inks. Drivers for this development, besides the resource scarcity and a higher legislative burden, are an increasing environmental awareness throughout the population and as a result a growing demand for inks with a small ecological footprint. In this regard, in this research due to the importance of electrophotographic printing in the printing industry, for the first-time we try to produce food packing ink for electrophotographic printing called toner by an eco-friendly EA method. The results show that, within the design of the toner, choosing suitable raw materials resulting in a toner with various color and appropriate toner properties.