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Protection against mineral oil is the subject of intense ongoing public debate. In addition, aroma barriers are increasingly becoming the focus of advanced packaging materials. BoPP films possess almost no barriers against mineral oil, flavors and gases. Therefore, a co-extruded and 50 times biaxial oriented multilayer thin BoPP film was developed. It has a well-protected inner barrier layer, which delivers protection against mineral oil and flavors as well as oxygen. The achieved film is far more robust for printing and lamination than comparable coated barrier films, a fact confirmed by several flexible film converters. During the development phase, it became evident that no standards for mineral oil measurements were in place. In cooperation with a research institute, a scientifically reliable method was introduced to measure mineral oil components permeation through barrier films. The results for the newly developed coextruded films were well below the specified migration limits (SML) for MOSH and MOAH in packaged food of 2 mg/kg and 0.5 mg/kg respectively, and by far better than others, e.g. for coated BoPP films. In addition, practical tests demonstrated excellent improvement of taste when using these films. An extremely strong aroma compound for mint, lemon, and fruity flavor was assembled for a worst-case aroma testing.