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Super Fılm, one of the leading producers of flexible packaging, is developing strongly in flexible packaging sector. To increase the product and service range, Super Film has invested in a new coating line. The paper focuses on the role of a new coating technology in enhancing the film properties and in developing innovative flexible packaging. The paper shows how the coater has been designed for the utmost flexibility, to make it extremely versatile and complete with the most technically advanced features, in order to bring added values to the standard BOPP and PET films. Mention is made of the latest technologies and of the new different films that can be produced by this line. In particular, the paper considers a PET having sealable, peelable and antifog properties with in-depth analysis of the enhanced seal performances as well as of the optical and antifog properties. Some examples are given about the growing market for these grades due to consumers’ inclination to fresh produces, from ready meals, packaged and refrigerated, to fruit platters and salad bowls.