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Multi-layer flexible polymeric films employed for high pressure treatments of food packaging for pasteurization and sterilization frequently display delamination phenomena. This problem limits packaging reliability used for this treatment technology. This contribution is aimed at understanding the delamination phenomena of packaging structures under high pressures. Development of interlaminar stress fields, which promote localized delamination events, is here addressed by considering the case of mechanical failure of bi-layer structures. Analytical models and Finite Element based numerical simulations are exploited to this purpose. The theoretical and numerical results, that highlight the crucial role played by the mismatch of Young moduli and Poisson ratios of the laminated film sheets, are in full agreement with experimental findings on high pressure-treated food multilayer packages realized coupling different polymeric materials (i.e. polypropylene-polyethyleneterephthalate, polypropylene-cast polyamide and polypropylene-bioriented polyamide).