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To control the climate when temperature sensitive drugs are delivered is an essential consideration of shippers and freight forwarders. It is common practice to utilize insulated boxes. A survey was conducted to determine the properties of these daily deliveries and factors were observed that influence the climate environment of drugs during travel. These factors included opening intervals, number of openings, trip times and distances. Then the results of the survey were used to perform the recorded circumstances of distribution in laboratory tests as close to reality as possible and analyse the effect of the above-mentioned factors. During real distribution the temperature range from 2°C – 8°C was targeted. For the comparison of profiles, the static temperature profiles were also measured in the laboratory. One objective of this paper was to do a comparative performance analysis for the velocity changes of temperature between opened and not-opened procedures. A second objective was to show how to effect the vibration of temperature affects different parts of the box. The final objective was to provide packaging engineers with new information to design cost-efficient and practical reusable transportation solutions for these drugs on daily deliveries with more stopovers and openings.