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The paper presents the process of designing natural cosmetic products based on visual (i.e., pictorial elements) and technical attributes (i.e. packaging shape and material) which give a sense of naturalness and indicate sustainability and ecological awareness. The cosmetic products included in the study were: a hair shampoo, a hair conditioner, a body soap and a body lotion. The examination of the effectiveness of the proposed packaging design was based on the product-related associations and the participants’ perception of the product’s environmental friendliness. The packaging designs were evaluated by 238 people who participated in an online survey. The results showed that the perception of the product’s naturalness and environmental friendliness is influenced more by the packaging material than by the pictorial elements and colour. Furthermore, the packaging labels which indicate the natural origin of the cosmetics had a significant impact on the perception of the product quality, which suggests that the communication aspect of the packaging also impacts the consumers’ expectations.