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The impact of passive modified atmosphere packaging technique (MP) and calcium ascorbate (CA) on the extension of freshness and shelf life in fresh-cut cantaloupe was studied at two storage temperatures (4 and 10°C). Fresh cantaloupes were cut into uniform size cubes (25.4 mm x 25.4mm x 25.4mm). Then, half of the fresh cut cubes was dipped into the treatment solution, and the others were not. Clamshell tray with snap-on lid (control) and micro-perforated sealable lid (MP) was used as the fresh cut fruits packaging. Fresh cut cantaloupes in CA and MP combination (CA-MP) observed the highest quality preservation among the other samples. The maximum inhibition of mold and yeast was up to 3.0 log10 CFU/g, comparing to control. CA-MP also maintained higher physiochemical quality parameters, including color, texture, L-ascorbic acid and total soluble solid contents. The results indicated that the modified atmosphere and calcium ascorbate combination treatment is a potential application to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut cantaloupes.