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Banana epidermis is a waste material and starchier, it can be used to made biodegradable composite film and their properties were characterized. The aim of this study was to develop biodegradable composite films based on modified banana epidermis starch. The role of modified banana epidermis starch (MBES) particle loadings were analyzed on chitosan semi-crystalline structure, in addition to studying the composite film properties such as barrier, thermal and mechanical properties. Antimicrobial activity of the composite films is developed based on chitosan and MBES particle. The composite films are produced by solution casting method. The composites exhibit a significantly good in the mechanical and thermal stability. The resulting Chitosan/MBES films exhibit better oxygen permeation rate while compared with normal commercial films. The new prepared composite films have a high potential, mechanical, morphological, antimicrobial activity, and to improve their long-lasting antimicrobial efficiency for food packaging applications.