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Packages made of corrugated paper are fundamental to the protection, transportation and handling of the appliance product market. During the storage and sales stages of a product, the package must resist compressive loads in different directions beyond moderate impacts. In this context, the objective of this work is to develop and implement a post-processor that allows the simultaneous analysis of two of the most common failure modes of packages made of corrugated paper: failure due to tensile or compressive stress limit, and failure due to local buckling, when the buckling of the faces of the corrugated paper between two peaks of the fluting waves occurs. It was realized that the current procedure proposed by the literature expend a series of operations, what became the failure analysis for corrugated boxes too lengthy for the immediacy of the industry. Thus, it was chosen to apply a procedure to simplify the failure limit surface. Tensile tests were performed for the characterization of corrugated material used in numerical simulations. Experimental tests were performed on corrugated boxes used on household appliance products. The Tsai-Wu criteria for the material failure evaluation was applied and a modified Nyman-Gustafsson criteria for the local buckling analysis on the numerical simulations was proposed. A good correlation between experimental tests and numerical results was obtained. This work brings high expectations to the agility requested by the industry in the launching of new products.