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Global market is a field where all industries strive to provide personalized product for every customer demand in order to compete with their competitors in the business battlefield. Product personalization varies with customer to customer which increases the product variety. When the product size variability is vast, producing packages for every individual product is not only difficult but also increases the design time, production time, total manufacturing cost and inventory cost. For the present scenario, Industrial packages does not opt customizability for variable product sizes. Customized package for personalized product is achievable only by redesigning the existing distribution package with modularity and adaptability functions which helps to reduce space wastage on logistical distribution and warehousing ultimately leading to proper cube utilization. In this paper, by analyzing the production feasibility and manufacturing strategy, new innovative re-engineered industrial package designs with customizability functions are developed and are evaluated by introducing a matrix called Collaborative Design Performance (CDP) Matrix. From the matrix and order penetration point (OPP) analysis, it is evident that the re-engineered designs adopt process commonality and postponement in an effective way.