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The aim of this study was to create a completely hydrosoluble edible films based on biopolymers that can be used as packaging material for powdered foods.10 edible films were obtained from various mixtures of hydrocolloids (agar, starch, sodium alginate) plasticized with glycerol and water. To assess their solubility, it was used the Peleg model which confirmed that increasing the temperature of the hydration medium, increases the water absorption rate. The sample obtained from agar and starch was less hydrophilic than sample with a high amount of sodium alginate, which was completely soluble after 3 minutes maintenance in 20° water. To determine the characteristics of novel food packaging material it is important to know the behavior of these hydrocolloids. The completely hydrosolubility of biofilm obtained from a higher amount of sodium alginate in a very short time successfully qualifies it for producing environmentally friendly edible packaging materials for various products which can be consumed with the product, resulting zero waste.